To provide the kids of Morris Plains the opportunity to play basketball in an safe and exciting environment.

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Morris Plains Basketball Association      PHILOSOPY – Goals and Objectives

  • The goals of the MP Basketball program are to teach basketball skills!
    • Encourage growth and interest in the sport!
    • Encourage Sportsmanship!
    • Build Character and Confidence in our players!
    • Instill Passion for the sport!
    • Encourage Team Work and Camaraderie!
    • Communicate and have the players understand the meaning of Sportsmanship
    • Instill the basics of competition
    • Most importantly to Have Fun!


  • We want:
    • The youth to enjoy the game of basketball
    • To achieve these goals, the MPBA BOARD encourages all participants, be the players, coaches and viewers, to act in a responsible manner on and off the court.
    • For Coaches, the primary responsibility is to teach the players sportsmanship and the fundamental skills of basketball, while building a positive atmosphere.
    • Teaching the skills of basketball can encompass many difficult drills, and should be conducted with the players in mind.
    • Sportsmanship is taught through example and behavior.  Through practice and games, the participants can enjoy the game of basketball, and strive to do well.  Playing the game to the best of one’s ability should be the primary goal of the players, and to provide and enjoyable atmosphere should be the primary goal of the Coaches , Players and Parents involved.